Ezra Roy
Ezra Roy was born June 26, 1988, Houston, TX. He graduated from Jack Yates High School (2008) and graduated Texas Southern University 2014 with honors. He majored in Art with a minor in Theatre. At birth, Ezra was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, a debilitating birth defect that leaves many individuals with developmental delays. Ezra, however, has overcome much of the public stigma associated with his condition.
With the help of his father Alvin, a professionally-trained lawyer and classically-trained artist, Ezra has made great strides in his personal and professional endeavors. Ezra demonstrated an interest in art at an early age, and his father used art as a teaching tool.
Ezra has a keen penchant for color. His work has fluctuated between realism and abstraction. Ezra understands concepts associated with art forms in varying combinations and media; in simplistic values that defy complexity. Ezra has exhibited his work since high school and his work has found a home with several collectors.
By exhibiting at City Hall, Houston, TX, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Five-A Exhibitions, Ezra has turned disabling barriers into positive visions. Upon graduation, Ezra will become, the first professional artist in the US with this condition to successfully cross into the mainstream of visual fine art.

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